February 14, 2014

The Olivetti Valentine

The Olivetti Valentine typewriter – for the romantic.

My neighbour asked me if I'd be interested in painting the typewriter she used as a student in the 1960s. She had it hidden in her basement and just recalled it when she was looking at some other work of mine. When she showed it to me I was startled. I'm not sure she knew she had such a desirable collectable hidden in a box.

The painting is available at the George Billis Gallery in New York City. Click on the image for more details.

18" x 24"  /  Oil/Canvas

January 19, 2014

Camera Obsession

When I was an art history student, I studied early photography and the emergence of the "snapshot" and candid photography — made possible by the proliferation of Kodak box cameras and Brownies.

I was studying this just as digital point-and-shoot cameras started to show up for regular consumers to use. Long before camera phones, iPhones, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook. Long before we had to apply filters to give our photographs a sense of time and narrative. Photographs used to come to us days, weeks, months after we took them. And they already had a "patina" of sorts applied to them. Mega pixel count, image stabilisation and rapid, precise autofocus weren't available. We weren't reviewing and editing our images moments after we took them. We weren't sharing them within minutes with huge networks friends colleagues. Instead they were placed in an album or shoebox and found decades later.

I like painting these old cameras. I find them in antique shops — they're all over the place and easy to come by. Sometimes they still have film in them.

I like the idea that these cameras once captured all these moments and family history.

Four Vintage Cameras
16" x 24" / Oil/Canvas

Four Kodaks
20" x 20" / Oil/Canvas

24" x 16" / Oil/Canvas

January 15, 2014

George Billis Gallery NY

I'll be having my first exhibition in New York City at the George Billis Gallery (521 West 26th Street) from January 21 - February 15, 2014.

The show will have 13 paintings, and the reception is on Thursday, January 23, from 6-8pm.

I'll share more of the images over the next few days.

Mint Rotary Telephone
18" x 24"  /  Oil/Canvas  /  2013

18" x 24"  /  Oil/Canvas  /  2013

On We Go
18" x 18"  /  Oil/Canvas  /  2013

December 30, 2013

Fifteen Years at the EFG

I have a painting in the Elliott Fouts Gallery's 15th Anniversary group exhibition — January 4 - February 6, 2014.

Elliott invited me to show my work at his gallery six years ago — and the past six years have been productive and fantastic. After several group and solo exhibitions, it is exciting to have my work at the best gallery in Sacramento.

Stories We Like
20" x 20"  /  Oil/Canvas

August 12, 2013

Work in Progress

I have an exhibition coming up in September in Yountville, California. I've been working on it throughout the summer. Which is usually difficult, considering it's summer. There's a strong force pulling me out of the studio and in to the outdoors.

But I'm happy with the work I've been able to produce. Here's a glimpse at some of the pieces I've been making.

June 6, 2013

New Paintings 2013 / Catalog

The show catalog, featuring all twenty of the paintings at my current exhibition at the Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento is available. You can email the gallery (elliottfoutsgallery@gmail.com) if you're interested in seeing it in person.